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In today’s digital landscape, nearly 80% of Australians are engaged with social media, with a significant number accessing it frequently. This statistic underlines the immense potential of social media platforms in every brand’s digital marketing strategy.

Social media offers advertisers an unprecedented depth of audience profiling, extending far beyond basic demographics like age, gender, and location.

It opens up the possibility to target users based on their specific interests, behaviours, and much more. This rich variety of targeting options and ad formats makes Paid Social an ideal fit for every stage of a brand’s inbound marketing journey.

From initiating awareness through video ads on Facebook to direct message campaigns on LinkedIn, Paid Social serves as a remarkably effective method to reach the most pertinent audiences for any business objective.

Why your brand needs Facebook advertising

Facebook is a titan in the social media world. Its superior targeting capabilities and the range of options available still surpass platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As part of your paid social media strategy, Facebook is an essential component.

However, achieving growth on Facebook is increasingly challenging, which is why partnering with a reliable Facebook advertising agency like Fetch can lead to enhanced results and higher engagement than managing it in-house.

Paid Social at Fetch

Our approach at Fetch centres on delivering the right message at the opportune moment to your audience, driving growth for your brand and nurturing a long-term connection with your followers. This relationship is bolstered as your audience interacts with your content through likes, comments, and shares. Our Paid Social services include:

  • Ad content development and creative
  • Budget setting and management
  • Ad placement and precise targeting
  • Comprehensive measurement, optimisation, and reporting

While Facebook’s prowess is undeniable, the world of social media is much broader, encompassing platforms from TikTok to Pinterest, and we bring our extensive experience across this full spectrum.

Our methodology

Social media advertising might seem straightforward on the surface, but it involves complex decisions regarding targeting, presentation, and integration. Fetch has the expertise to manage these complexities effectively, delivering memorable and cost-efficient campaigns.

The Fetch approach emphasises:

  • Choosing the right advertising formats for maximum engagement.
  • Developing audiences based on existing affinities to brands or products/services.
  • A funnel approach, tailoring messaging to fit the purchasing intent of social media users.

To fully capitalise on Paid Social, we assess which networks, placements, and audiences bring the most value to each campaign, crafting a custom plan to maximise your budget’s return.

Beyond campaign specifics, we ensure all tools are fully utilised, from conversion tracking and optimisation to the creation and maintenance of advanced custom audiences, extracting maximum value from each platform.

Selecting Fetch as your paid social media specialist can fast-track achieving significant results. Contact us to explore how we can maximise your ad spend returns.



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With Fetch, we've saved hours and cut costs, enhancing our social media presence with personalised, engaging content.

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Fetch revolutionised our social media strategy, boosting engagement with high-quality content, allowing us to focus on growth.

Adrian Land

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